NFL Predictions 2014 – Playoffs

NFL Predictions 2014 – Playoffs

Here are my predictions for the playoffs of the 2014 NFL season. I started doing this last year, and I must say I was quite accurate. I correctly predicted the final records of 5 teams (Seahawks, Dolphins, Colts, Oakland, and Minnesota), if you don’t count Minnesota’s tie. Also I correctly predicted 4 out of the 8  division winners, and 7 out of the 12 playoff teams. I know, I know, you are amazed at my accuracy!! With nowhere to go but up, I will predict this year’s NFL standings.

Here are my other preditions: AFC Predictions NFC Predictions


NFC Wildcard Round

NFC Wildcard

AFC Wild Card Round

AFC Wild Card

NFC Divisional Round

NFC Divisional

AFC Divisional Round

AFC Divisional

Conference Championships

AFC & NFC Championship

2014 super_bowl-primary-2014

Super Bowl 49


What are your predictions for this NFL season? Sound off below!


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