Matt at the Movies – August 2014

        I’m trying to watch more movies this year than last year. As of today, I have watched 46 movies with a goal of 72 for all of 2014 . I have a list of over 300 movies that I want to see, and more coming out each week that make my list. The majority of the time, I watch movies from the comfort of my living room, but on occasion, I will venture out to the theater, or even the drive in for a film or two. You can check out my movie watchlist on IMDB, or on my Trakt.TV profile.

at the movies

August Watched Movies



Skyfall My Rating: 08 out of 10

The Nut JobThe Nut Job My Rating: 07 out of 10


Silver Linings Playbook  Silver Linings PlaybookMy Rating: 07 out of 10


The Raid: Redemption The Raid: Redemption My Rating:06 out of 10

What movies have you been watching?

What movies do you suggest I watch?


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