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Update 1: IMDB Top 250

Update #1: Here’s an update to recent post IMDB Top 250. My progress isn’t as good as I would of liked, but progress nonetheless.


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IMDB Top 250

I was recently poking around IMDb, and stopped to check out the latest Top 250 list. After looking through the list for awhile, I realized I haven’t seen a lot of the movies on that list. I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, but most of them are new movies, released in the last five years. That means I’m missing out on a ton of other movies that came out years ago, and some even beforeĀ  I was born. Some of the movies I have watched recently have been pretty terrible, but I watched them because they were newer. There’s so many movies on the list that are probably way better than the ones I’m watching.

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