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App Spotlight – Moviegram

One of my new favorite sites is Overlapps.com.  It’s a website dedicated to lesser known iOS apps that come out.  I discovered it about a month and a half ago, and I love it.  I even won a contest through the for a sweet new iPad case.

image Recently this site reviewed an app called Moviegram.  It’s an app about, you guessed it, Movies.  I am one that is always checking out the latest movie news and wondering which ones are worth watching.  The usual apps I use are IMDb, and Flixster for this movie stalking.  While those apps are a lot more in depth when it comes to reviewing the movies, and relaying info actors, actresses, and directors of these films, Moviegram is different.  It’s simpler. And it has almost everything I need when I’m looking for the newest movies.

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iPhone App of the Month – Baseball Superstars 2010

  I’ve been addicted to this game for quite awhile now.  I’m not a huge baseball fan, but this game has kept my attention for many different reasons.

baseball-superstars-2010Baseball Superstars 2010, developed by Gamevil, has a cartoony feel, but don’t let that full you because the game is packed full of playability.  Game modes include: Exhibition play, My League, in this mode you can become a pitcher or batter and play through a career, Season,  in this mode you play with your team throughout many seasons, Homerun Race, which is home run derby competition, Mission, this mode gives you challenges to complete during a game, and Match Play, which gives you the ability to play friends over wifi.

bb2010I have been playing in the My League mode recently.  In this mode, you start as a rookie, and work your way through a career.  You have a yearly goal to achieve, which could be RBI’s, batting average, hits, or homeruns.  Also, you can buy items to improve your attributes, and earn them through training.

The biggest downfall of the game is the lack of control in fielding.  The computer takes over as soon as the ball is hit.  You can throw the ball to different bases, but there isn’t really a reason to after the computer has done the work.

Currently in the iTunes App Store, Baseball Superstars 2010  is selling for $4.99.  There is a free version you can pick up at try out before  you spend the $5.  I’m not sure what is included in the free version.  For the hours of play I’ve gotten out of this app, it is well worth the price.

Overall, my rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

iPhone App of the Month – Knights Onrush

I’ve been testing out a lot of iPhone apps recently and would love to give you some of my thoughts on these apps, good or bad.  Here’s the first.

http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/resources/images/963249/?type=displayKnights Onrush

I’ve played a lot of games on my iPhone, but this is one of the games that kept me coming back.  Three games modes: Campaign, 12 levels with each level supplying different amount of days to survive, Endless Siege, and Madness.  Along with these game modes come three different difficulty levels, for all levels of gamers.

picture-4The best part about this game is although it started at a steep price of $4.99, it is now priced at a low $0.99, which is a small price to pay for the hours of entertainment it will bring.  Also, it’s the type of game that you can click on and play for 2 minutes while you’re waiting in line, or during commercials.  Great for a quick break from work, as long as your disciplined enough to quit playing and get back to it!

Minor bugs will hopefully be fixed in new updates, but overall definitely worth the price of admission.  Overall, my rating is a 4 out of 5 stars.