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What Rihanna has me thinking about…

About a month or so ago, I was listening to some Pandora radio, and came across Rihanna’s new song titled, S&M.  Wow!!  I was surprised as I listened to the lyrics for the first time.  Obviously this isn’t the first song about sex that is out there, and to be honest, that’s not what bothered me most about the song.  It was these lyrics:

“Feels so good being bad, There’s no way I’m turning back”

and then the chorus…

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How He Loves…

This video of John Mark McMillan is phenomenal!!  The story he shares in the beginning will bring you to your knees.  The song will make you worship.  Grab some Kleenex’s, find a quiet spot for 10 minutes and watch this.  You won’t regret it!!

Thanks John Mark for sharing and writing this amazing song!!


Saw this video on a friend’s blog, and loved it.  It expressed my deep affection very well.  I love Chick-fil-a!!

Check out more from Tim Hawkins on Youtube or his website.

iPhone Shuffle #5

Here we go again.  I hit shuffle on the old iPhone and here are the first five songs that came up.  You can play too even if you don’t have an iPhone.  Use your iPod, or iTunes, or CD player(does anyone still use those?).

1.  Jars of Clay – Needful Hands

2.  Shawn McDonald – Perfectly Done

3.  Switchfoot – Playing for Keeps

4.  Hillsong United – Magnificent

5.  Since October – Waiting

God of This City

This song has been encouraging me over the past month, and I wanted to share it with you.  It’s by Chris Tomlin off of the new Passion CD called God of This City!

Do you believe this?

iPhone Shuffle 4

Here are the first 5 songs that played when I hit shuffle on the Ole iPhone today.  You can play too. 

1.  Pillar – Smiling Down (from their new Album titled “For The Love of the Game”)

2.  Lifehouse – Simon

3.  The Afters – We Are the Sound (from their new Album titled “Never Going Back To OK”)

4.  Seven Places – Like It Never Happened

5.  Linkin Park – Figure .09

There it is.  Another edition down.

Side note: Some great new albums released earlier this month that you should give an ear to.  Here some in random order:

Pillar – For the Love of the Game

The Afters – Never Going Back to OK

Sanctus Real – We Need Each Other – Great CD, or maybe I think that because I ate dinner with them once!

Stellar Kart – Expect the Impossible – Great Concert!

Leeland – Opposite Way

Fireflight – Unbreakable

I’m sure there are more out there that I missed, but these are the ones that I had to have.  I would love to hear your comments about some other music I should be buying.

Worth It!

Just saw this video on a friend’s blog.  Great stuff.  Wish I could be this creative.


Now Playing – Leeland – Count Me In