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Senior Discounts List

Senior Discounts

No one likes getting older, and no one likes overspending on everyday items. As luck would have it, we’ve found a solution! Well, not for the getting older thing. We’ll leave that to scientists. As far as overspending your hard earned dollars, we have great news!

I stumbled upon an article the other day listing over 100 companies that offer discounts to “seniors”. The only thing you have to do to qualify is be above a certain age. Even better news is that you don’t have to wait until your 65 or older for a lot of these discounts. Some stores are offering the deals to people that are over 60, over 55, and they are even offering discounts to people as young as 50! Turns out you don’t have to be a “senior” to start cashing in on the savings. These senior discounts are out there at stores and restaurants where you are already shopping, and all you have to do is ask for your Senior Discount to enjoy the savings.

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“I Can’t Afford Life Insurance”

I’ve recently ran into some people that have said the exact phrase above. I can’t say that I haven’t ever said these words either. For many it is a perception of what life insurance is and how much it costs. For others it’s a mindset of I can’ barely afford to make the rest of my bills, how can I add another one.  Especially one that I won’t benefit from while I’m still alive.

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Money and Christmas


We did something for the first time since we have been married.  No not that.  We bought all of our Christmas gifts without a credit card!!  What a great feeling it is entering the new year to know that we haven’t created any new debt that we have to work to pay off before we can enjoy the money we earn.  Does this mean that we bought inexpensive gifts or homemade gifts.  No.  We didn’t change how much we spent on gifts, we changed how we prepared to buy these gifts.

We have been on a quest for the past year to get out of debt ASAP.  God has blessed Liz and I tremendously on this journey.  I believe it’s only because of Him and His blessings that we are where we are now.  The tool I am using for this process is called a money merge account created  by the United First Financial.  You can get all the info by clicking here.imageThis year was different for us  because we planned for upcoming known expenses.  Christmas comes every year, and every year we buy gifts.  So why is that we don’t plan for this expense until December.  A wise person once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  It’s so true in any areas of life, and definitely in money.

Some other things that we have planned for: birthday gifts, doctor bills, car repairs, vacations, etc.  People get sick and cars break down, it’s a fact of life, so why not plan for those things instead of living to your financial edge and hoping things don’t break down.

We are still on our quest for debt freedom, but we know it doesn’t happen overnight.  But the first step is not to create new debt, which might mean making sacrifices on things we want but don’t need right away.

Is Your House Paid For?

I can hear the collective groans echo through cyberspace as we all think about the years and thousands left on our mortgages.  Many of us see our mortgage payments as never ending.  In fact, if you break down the word mortgage, it literally means “loan to death.”

Here’s my reality.  I have 29 year left on my mortgage, and I couldn’t stand the thought of paying the bank almost as much in interest as the original cost of my home.  So I found an amazing company to help me pay off my mortgage in half the time (18 years), saving me tens of thousands of dollars (over $35,000).

Here’s the amazing part:

  • You don’t have to refinance your current mortgage.
  • There is little or no change to your current budget.
  • My monthly mortgage payment doesn’t change.

Sound too good to be true?  I did too, but Worth Unlimited and their Worth Account is legit, and it works.  This program uses banking principles, and their software to pay off mortgages in 1/2 to 1/3 the time you are scheduled to pay it off.

You owe it your yourself to get a free analysis.  It costs you nothing, and your information is kept completely confidential.  So go check out Worth Account, click on the free analysis link, and see if you qualify.

Just think what you could do if you didn’t have a mortgage payment anymore?

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